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I bow down to him who breathes out the veda and creates the universe from it, remaining uninvolved and who is the cherished shrine of pilgrimage for all the streams of knowledge. - Sayana Rg- Veda Bhasya
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    Maitreyi stays with me

    The sights & sounds of Maitreyi, of the forest & hills that cradle it, I love them all. The cooks, the maids, the guardians of mind, body & soul, I love them all. With gratitude I share their dream! That it spreads itself under terracotta red, amongst rustling coconut palms & flowerings beds. Its ups & downs all charted out, health & wealth to optimize. Beautiful birds whose names I do not know, of melodious song flit & dart in verdant trees. Blossoms & fruits in mango grooves scent the air, clear blue skies, flowers in all God's hues. Grades of green from dark to light, a feast for my eyes. Waters tumbling down the hills, a brook with cooling, rushing spray, a paradise. To this I came and am loath to go, my bags will I pack with memories, all of love given me & of Yoga in the mandapam.... My aches & pains I leave behind, a result of tortures so endured, at hands of maiden so meek & mild! Contrary to what should be, that Maitreyi be done with me, this desire to return stays with me.

    - By Fazila Nagree
    Dated: 24th Feb. 2015
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For further information, specific enquiries or details please contact us:

Maitreyi – The Vedic Village,

Ishwaramalai,Panambalam road,
Aliyar, Pollachi,
Coimbatore – 642101,
Tamil Nadu – INDIA

T: 0091 4253 288 763, 764
F: 0091 4253 288 567
M: 0091 93616 04000
W: www.maitreyivedic.in
E: info@maitreyivedic.in


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Maitreyi is located at Aliyar village, Tamil Nadu, close to the Kerala border in South India. The nearest town is Pollachi (24 km) and the closest cities are Coimbatore and Palghat (64 km) – all well connected by railway and road. The nearest airport is in Coimbatore and for international flights Cochin.